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Exploring Top 5 Things a Director Must Know

Today Lincoln College Group (LCG) hosted an Institute of Directors (IoD) event focusing on essential knowledge every director should know.

The session was led by IoD trainer Gerard Hargreaves, who has specialised in executive development for 30 years working internationally with many organisations in the public and private sector.

Gerard Hargreaves said: “These events are really important; the aim is to get people thinking about some of the issues underpinning the roles and responsibilities of a Director.”

“It has been a really interesting session with lots of great discussion happening around the table, lots of different types of organisations were represented here from Colleges, to Charities to family run businesses. All these differing perspectives afforded us a rich and diverse discussion.”

Lincoln College Group works with more than 1,200 businesses across the East Midlands, ranging from one-man start-ups to FTSE 100 companies. We pride ourselves on being business led, providing and supporting opportunities for local business community to get access to high quality training and professional development. Today’s interactive session was focused not only on distinguishing the role of a director but also exploring the link between a director’s duty and their potential personal liability towards the company.

Gary Headland, the CEO of Lincoln College Group, commented: “Our mission is to be ‘employer-led, producing a highly skilled and productive local workforce’ so we take seriously each and every opportunity to improve the productivity and growth of our region, irrespective of whether we are providing ab initio education and training or continuous personal or professional development. We were delighted to host at Lincoln College an Institute of Directors (IoD) CPD event on ‘The Top 5 Things a Director Must Know’ and welcome over 20 regional business leaders as attendees.  If you would like further information on the IoD in Greater Lincolnshire, please contact me via email”

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