Get Involved

Thank you for your interest in getting involved at the College! With your help we can provide a better learning environment for our former students, strengthen our alumni network and create a richer community around the College for past, present and future students.

No matter how big or small a way you wish to get involved, any participation from former students is invaluable. Our alumni association is all about building lasting connections, enriching education and giving something back to our former students. With opportunities to help your career, recruit employees and enjoy a range of great discounts as well, we’ll do all we can to help you.

Work Experience

Providing relevant and inspiring work experience and placements for our students is a big focus for the College and we have a number of options available to employer partners. You could choose to support a learner for a block week, one day a week for an agreed time frame, or why not look at our fantastic industry placement options (T Levels) which allow a student to join your organisation for 315 hours during the academic year, giving you flexibility to choose placement times to suit your business. Learners on industry placement may be available for up to 2-days a week or can come to you in blocks when your business is busy. All options are designed to give our learners real working life experiences, and help them to develop the right employability skills for their future careers. Think how rewarding it will be for you and your staff to know that you could make a positive difference to a young person’s career progression.

In September 2022 the college will also be part of the national T Level delivery and we will be delivering T levels in Health/Science, and Care/Early years. Use the link here to find out how you as an employer can be involved in this new national education strategy.


To find out more about this and the other opportunities for you to get involved in, please click below to register.

Provide Work Experience

What better way to understand working life than getting real, hands on experience? It’s not only invaluable experience for the students, but current employees can gain management experience by supervising the placement. And you’ll get a helping hand around the workplace for free.

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Speak to Students

Hearing about the career journey (both the highs and lows!) of someone who was once in their exact position can really help inspire students. It can show them the breadth of  opportunities available to them after their time at College. We want you to help inspire current students by sharing your story.

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Find out about hiring an apprentice

Apprentices are a fantastic resource to be able to add to your company. With 96% of employers that take on an apprentice reporting a benefit to their business and with the average apprenticeship increasing business productivity by £214 a week, what are you waiting for?

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Be included on Our Alumni Wall

Our Alumni Wall showcases our students achievements and experiences for all the world to see, because we’re proud of what they’ve done. It takes less than two-minutes to fill out the short form and attach a photo. We will then feature your face on our wall of fame.

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