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What do the different types of apprenticeship mean?

Apprenticeships are a great option for 16-24 year olds who would prefer to earn money whilst they get their qualifications and gain experience in a real working environment.   Apprenticeships come in all shapes and sizes. You can do an apprenticeship in a huge range of industries. It’s not just the stereotypical manual apprenticeships like [Read more…]

How to market your e-book

We’ve already shown you how to make a profit from self-publishing your e-book on platforms like Kindle, and explained the process of devising and writing a non-fiction e-book in just a few weeks.   However, if you want to make a viable income from self-publishing, or if you want to be one of the many [Read more…]

How to get on with your work colleagues

In our recent alumni survey, we asked you what career advice you would like to see from your alumni association. One popular request was for advice on getting on with your work colleagues. It seems that many of us sometimes have difficulty getting on with everyone at work, all of the time. That’s completely normal, [Read more…]

How to explain gaps in your CV

You could have a gap in your CV for many good reasons, and your future employer will always want to know about them. Here’s how to explain the most common reasons for any breaks in your employment history in a positive way.   The careers website recommends doing this in your cover letter so [Read more…]

Could you change your career?

The short answer is yes, but you’ll probably need a bit more information to assist in making such a big decision. There are many reasons why you may be considering a career change. If one of the following applies to you, read on for our advice on deciding on your next career move, and find [Read more…]