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Tom Croft: Performing Arts student travels all over the world as an Entertainer

Tom Croft studied Performing Arts at Lincoln College. He’s now an entertainer for holiday company, Thomas Cook. Here’s what he had to say about how he got where he is today, thanks to his experiences at college.

Tom didn’t always know what he wanted to do for his career.

“I gained this job and career aspiration through learning opportunities from tutors and fellow students on my course,” he said. “I always aspired to be in the west end, however, more attractive roles came to me personally. For example, the opportunity to travel the world performing, whilst learning languages and cultures.

“I currently work for Thomas Cook as an Entertainer. During the summers, I will be allocated a hotel to work in abroad. Destinations include Cyprus, Turkey, Spain, the Balearic Island, Portugal and more. “

Tom told our Alumni Team that his time at Lincoln College was important in giving him the skills and attitude he needs as an Entertainer.

“Confidence and technique in performance were key things I learnt in college that helped me get through auditions and ultimately get the jobs I really wanted,” he said. Tom described his extremely varied responsibilities as an Entertainer for a travel company.

“I run all sorts of activities through the day, from fitness, to games, to live performances,” he said. “In the evenings, I will host game shows and present other activities. Also, I will perform production shows with the rest of my team. These tend to be 45 minute to 1 hour shows, well-choreographed and vocally challenging at times. They are rehearsed for about a month previous to travelling to the destination. Rehearsals tend to be overseas – Mallorca this year –  but mean long days and are physically demanding. However, time off in a holiday destination makes it all worthwhile.

One of the most challenging parts of Tom’s job is working long hours in the heat. “Working a 12 hour day in 45 degree heat in Cyprus was tough physically,” he recalls. “Looking after yourself is hard, yet paramount.

“I’m currently working for the company on a winter contract in Lapland, Finland. This is a particular highlight as it is somewhere I would never get to go in any other job. It’s magical here and although the work is slightly different to what I do in the summers, it’s just as fulfilling!

“I’d like to progress to management in the entertainment industry one day! But ultimately, I’d like to travel the world. Being in a high place within a company isn’t important to me at this point in my life.”

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