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Taryn Holt: HR degree graduate gives advice on achieving professional success after finding her own

Taryn Holt studied a BA (Hons) in Health Services Administration at Lincoln College. Her new qualification eventually allowed her to become a HR Professional recruiter for OSF Healthcare – here’s what Taryn had to say to our Alumni team about her ambitions of working in healthcare, and her experiences raising a family alongside studying at Lincoln College.

“I always knew that I wanted to work in a healthcare field that ultimately served others,” said Taryn. “My time at Lincoln helped to sculpt me professionally and polish my skills. It’s so important to understand what’s going on around you in the ever-changing healthcare industry. It’s also important to develop strong communication skills because you will be representing your work, your department and your organization.

“I started working in an entry level, clerical capacity. I then started at a retail store and very quickly progressed and was given an opportunity to work as a HR Assistant. I did all of this while continuing to pursue my degree. During my three years at Lincoln College my husband and I had two sweet baby girls, sixteen months apart. I was able to flex my time between classes without having to take two full semesters off.

“I was given the opportunity to interview for a HR Recruitment Specialist role with OSF and was offered the job while continuing my coursework at Lincoln College. Our class did a mock interview the night before my real interview, provided invaluable feedback and I was selected for the role!

“I was assigned as the recruiter of Patient Care Tech’s and CNA’s for the organization. I then transitioned into Healthcare with OSF, working as a CNA and then a surgery scheduler. After working in this role and completing my Bachelors with Lincoln College I interviewed and was offered the role of Professional Recruiter.

“I would say that my current position and the areas I recruit for are what I pride myself in. I’ve been given the tasks of hiring for all Business and Administrative roles throughout the entire organization at a professional level and higher. I am learning the many intricacies of this great healthcare organization and putting my education and experience to use.

“I feel like I achieved my goal of working in Healthcare Human Resources very early in my career and it’s driven me to want more professionally in the long-term. I’m being exposed to several facets of healthcare and still don’t know what the future holds, but I’m proud to be where I am at this point in my life.

“As a recruiter for professional level positions I see a lot of students with unrealistic expectations of obtaining professional level experience with minimal work experience. That’s one awesome benefit of the ABE program at Lincoln College – the work experience your able to add to your resume while still completing coursework is invaluable to employers and gives you an edge up as a candidate. My recommendation is to find a way to bridge the work that you are doing now into your long-term goals, whether it be through projects, shadowing or entry level work in a similar setting. It makes you a competitive candidate overall when you pair it with your education.”

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