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Rachel Walker: “You can’t go wrong with an apprenticeship” 

Rachel Walker is currently completing an apprenticeship in Accounting with Lincoln College.

“I’m an Apprentice Accounting Technician with Tom Geraghty and Associates,” said Rachel. As part of her apprenticeship, Rachel spends her time between working and studying towards her AAT Level 4 Diploma in Accounting.

She not only gets to gain an invaluable qualification, but is able to get real hands-on experience of the working world in her chosen profession.

“The best part about my apprenticeship is being able to learn something at college and then go to work the next day and understand how and why it works in the real world,” said Rachel.

“My time at Lincoln College has and still is helping me become a good accountant,” she said. “It has taught me how to do most aspects of my job that I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. Time management has been useful in my apprenticeship as it is applicable to the AAT exams. Accounting skills that I have gained from Lincoln College have helped me grow in my current apprenticeship, such as creating trial balances and Microsoft Excel skills.”

My greatest challenge so far has been learning about pensions and auto-enrollments as they are not included in my classes at Lincoln College, but luckily I get to learn in the real world and my time at College and in the classroom compliment eachother.

“My apprenticeship gives me a substantial pay for my age which I may not have received in another firm,” said Rachel. “It has also helped me to learn more about my job and things I will be required to do in said job. Going to university after the course I am currently taking is not necessary as AAT Level 4 Accounting is equivalent to a university degree.

“Once I’ve completed my placement, I hope to be kept on as an employee in my firm as I love to work there. I also hope to start studying for my chartered accountancy qualifications with the ICAEW.

“In five years’ time, I see myself as a fully qualified chartered accountant, happy with myself and in my job.

“If you’re thinking about getting an apprenticeship, I highly recommend it! It helps you further your knowledge and will help with your college studies. You can’t go wrong with an apprenticeship.”

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