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Jo K: Everyday I witness miracles! Who else can say that?” 

When the Alumni team asked Jo Kirk what her career highlight was, she said: “There are too many to mention. Everyday I witness miracles! Who else can say that?” 


Jo studied Access to Healthcare Practitioners at Lincoln College as a mature student and today, she works as a Nurse Practitioner.  


Here’s what she had to say to our Alumni Team about how her college course got her where she is today, the highlights and challenges of her industry and finally, her advice to others hoping to work in healthcare. 


“When I finished school I never knew what I wanted to do,” said Jo. “That’s why I was a mature student. I wanted to be a nurse as I wanted to develop my career after working as a Support Worker for a few years. 


“Without Lincoln College and the Access to Healthcare Practitioners course I wouldn’t be where I am today. I started this course when my second child was four weeks old. Without the support of my fabulous coursemates and lecturers, I wouldn’t have passed. 


“After leaving Lincoln College I was privileged enough to complete a BSc in Mental Health Nursing at Lincoln University. I qualified in July 2017 and I’ve been working as a Nurse Practitioner in Grimsby ever since. 


“I care for people from all backgrounds who are experiencing an acute mental health crisis. I have witnessed the most outstanding work and devotion the NHS can offer. I am honoured to say that I play a part in delivering this care.” 


Jo was also honest about the challenges that come with her role: “Maintaining a work life balance is definitely my biggest challenge,” she said. 


So, what’s next for Jo? 


“I’m still unsure of my ultimate career goal; however I know I will stay in Nursing for the remainder of it,” she said. “Hopefully in five years I will be in a senior role in Nursing and with a fulfilling work life balance.” 


Jo finally had some words of wisdom to share about entering the industry as a mature student.  


“I didn’t believe it before I achieved it, but any dream is possible! Never give up as there is a light at the end of the tunnel!” 


Thanks so much for your time, Jo. We wish you the best of luck! 

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