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Gina Johnson-Hirt: The skills I learned at Lincoln College have been invaluable,” says Leisure and Cultural Services Officer

Gina Johnson-HirtGina Johnson-Hirt studied her GNVQ in Advanced Leisure and Tourism at Lincoln College. Her qualification propelled her into her industry and she has now gained a position as a Leisure and Cultural Services Officer at the North Kesteven District Council.


“I have always wanted to work within the leisure and tourism industry as it is such a rewarding sector,” she said. “My course at Lincoln gave me a huge insight into the varied aspects of the industry and opened my eyes to furthering my education.


“The skills I learned at Lincoln College have been invaluable. I became independent and learned how to manage my time effectively to balance my education with the social side of college. I still feel that what I was taught helps me to stay focussed in the workplace,” said Gina.


“I am currently working for the district council as Leisure and Cultural Services Officer where I work in a small team to manage our leisure facilities within the district, which include two large leisure centres, a national art and craft centre, our countryside, plus our walking network and a visitor centre.


“I have developed and project managed a new indoor play area at one of our sites which has seen our visitor numbers rocket since it’s introduction. I am very proud of this as it was a fantastic project and to see how it has impacted our site is fantastic,” said Gina of her proudest career moment so far.


“My ultimate career goal is to be managing a main tourist attraction or developing projects within the tourism sector in Lincolnshire,” she said. “College is a fantastic opportunity and one in which the skills you learn will be with you for life.


“Use the contacts you make at college to gain experience and build on them,” she advised. “Talk to people who work in the sector you want to go into and build your education steps to get where you want to be. Believe in yourself and go for it!”


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