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Catering apprentice makes it big in business

Sam OwenEx-student enjoys business success after starting up a local catering company.

Sam Owen studied Catering and Hospitality at Lincoln College in 2004 and continued his studies as an apprentice; he then worked within a number of catering roles – including working at Michelin Star restaurants.

By the age of 21, Sam had become Head Chef at The Lincoln Hotel and achieved international recognition from the AA for his culinary skills; he has since lived in Leicester and launched his own restaurant which was a huge success and was invited to attend the National Restaurant Awards. His restaurant reached the finals of the Taste of Leicestershire Awards amongst other achievements.

Sam is from Lincoln and has decided to return to his roots, bringing his expertise with him; he launched his catering company, The Salted Orange Food Company, in January 2015.

“I just like being able to provide a different service, something bespoke, I aim to cater for all sorts of events really,” said Sam, “I love the diversity of my work now and the opportunity to create events that are unique, personal and memorable.

“Studying at Lincoln College gave me a grounded and open perspective towards working in catering; I worked with an eclectic mix of lecturers and mentors who helped to make me the person that I am today.

“I think that Lincoln College is a great place to start your career as it can really open your eyes to the reality of different industries; catering is a long, hard job but if you have the right attitude as well as common sense and a willingness to learn then it makes a great career.

“My plans now are to keep The Salted Orange growing, we are looking at a number of exciting contracts; I want to create a huge catering company where someone asks ‘can you do this?’ and we say ‘yes!’. I want people to recognise us as the friendly faces at lots of different events and be the caterer for Lincoln and potentially even further afield.

“In the future we are looking at diversifying across the market, perhaps even branching into other areas. Watch this space!”

The Salted Orange Food Company now caters for some of Lincoln College’s main events and also employs an apprentice; “We will be actively looking for more potential apprentices in the future,” said Sam, “I believe that if you train someone up to do things your way then you are gearing yourself up for having great employees for the future.”

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