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Alumnus and CEO Dan Hayes comes back to college

Dan Hayes

Dan is CEO of The Orders of St John Care Trust, a charity that provides care across Lincolnshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire.

The Charity delivers care in 71 care homes and offers a domiciliary care service in 14 extra housing schemes across England, they also employ approximately 4,000 staff and support over 3,500 residents.

Dan said: “During my time at school I wasn’t really interested academically and I’d started to fail subjects, so my dad persuaded me to give the College a call and go in and speak to them about my options.

“At this point I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do, so I met with someone at the College who advised me and told me he thought I’d be really suited towards a business course.

“So I started by doing a BTEC in Business Studies and continued my education by staying at the College and eventually completing my HND.

“The best thing about my time at Lincoln College was definitely the high quality level of the teaching – I was being taught by people who had worked in the industry and they were so knowledgeable.

“The College taught me not only to manage personal relationships but business relationships too, as well as giving me the confidence I needed to go on and get the career I’d always wanted. These vocational skills have proved to be invaluable ever since, and to me are as important as any academic qualification.

“I feel like I really grew up during my time at college – it was a big step for me.”

After studying at Lincoln College, Dan went on to work in Human Resources for both the Police and the National Health Service.

He said “After working with and observing people doing good during my time at the NHS, I knew that I wanted to continue my career within the care industry.

He then went on to work for The Orders of St John Care Trust, eventually becoming CEO.

Dan said “The best thing about working for the Trust is how tangible the role is, there’s not many steps between what I do and the people delivering the care.

“I live around the corner from one of our care homes and there’s nothing better than being a part of the community and hearing the feedback from people on the ground, whether that be staff or the public.”

“I’d like to say to current students – try hard to understand and recognise your strengths and constantly reflect on these, use the support available at the College and grab any opportunity you can, use your desire to learn and work on your weak points too.

If you’re inspired by Dan’s story and want to find your dream career, pop along to an open day to get advice and explore your options.

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