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Five reasons to change career after 50

Middle age may once have been a time for coasting into retirement, but no longer: workers are increasingly looking for work that stimulates and stretches them throughout their careers. This is likely to be one of the reasons why thousands of apprenticeship starts in the UK come from over-50s, and why research shows that 40% [Read more…]

How to make sure you have the perfect references

Personal recommendations are one of the most powerful influences on employers’ hiring decisions. One survey found that after the interview and your CV, references have the biggest impact on whether you get the job. But many of us treat references as an afterthought, perhaps assuming that they rarely get checked. In some cases, your past [Read more…]

Thinking about marketing your new business idea?

Many of our students go on to start their own businesses, perhaps no surprise when you consider that small businesses now account for about 60% of the employment in the UK private sector (and around half of the turnover). The internet has significantly opened up the possibilities of starting your own business and marketing it [Read more…]

Your guide to coping with appraisals

They can seem like a chore for bosses and employees, but if you want to climb the career ladder, it’s vital to take appraisals seriously. For your employer, they’re an opportunity to communicate their priorities and set targets. And for you, they’re a chance to talk about the actions you need to take to develop [Read more…]